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Kabazon Premium Waters bottled and delivered a day before delivery. It is purified by reverse osmosis, filtered and ozonated to ensure the highest level of quality.
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refreshing water choices Kabazon Premium Waters gives you lots of options! We offer bottled water in a variety of sizes, home and office water coolers, different types of water and bottle water delivery service plans.

water options Our bottles offer crisp, refreshing drinking water with no-spill caps and easy-to-grip handles
water cooler We provide water coolers that conveniently dispense water at just the right temperature for whatever you need, from a chilled glass of cold water to piping hot water for tea. Our ceramic crock is made of a durable solid, lead-free porcelain with a non-toxic glaze to help maintain water purity.

filtration systems

Osmosis filters come in many shapes and sizes. Soem are Under Sink Water Filters and others are dispensers. Both are designed so that water flowing through the system gets filtered and cleaned.

coffee service Our service offers gourmet and fair trade coffees to select leaf teas, we have beverages for every taste and occasion. Single-serve coffee machines and energy-saving commercial brewers ensure great taste without waste.

Prouding providing: Seattle's Best, Starbucks, Peet's, Coffee Bean, Folgers, Green Mountain, and Tully's

hastle-free, to your door
Bottled water delivery service means no more worrying about lugging heavy bottles from the store. Our crisp, refreshing bottled water will come right to your home or office. Plus, since all Kabazon Premium Waters bottles are recyclable and refillable, it's an environmentally- friendly choice!

What type of delivery suits your needs?

set up is easy as:

call us at 562.287.2247
choose a service plan that's right for you.
confirm and schedule your new bottled water delivery service
how our bottled water delivery works

What to Expect
Setting up your bottled water delivery is easy.

When you sign up for bottled water delivery, you'll select the date of your initial setup.

A Sales Representative (SR) will be assigned to you. Your SR will arrive for your initial setup with your bottled water and water cooler. At this time you will also agree on a designated spot for pickup of empties and drop off of full water bottles.

Your SR will deliver every two and four weeks according to a designated schedule.

On your scheduled delivery day leave your empty water bottles in the spot you have designated so your SR can exchange the empties for full bottles.

Even if you're not home on delivery day, you can still receive delivery service.

You're SR will call you a day before delivery to confirm whether or not you need delivery and if so of how many bottles, what kind of coffee ,creamers,etc. This assures you that you have full control on the account and we just swing by and do the service.

At any time, to add other products such as single-serve bottles to your water delivery, just tell your SR or call us.

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about Kabazon Waters bottled water

It seems everyone is into drinking bottled water - and for good reason! Bottled water is not only convenient, it's a natural thirst-quencher and a cost-effective alternative to sugary drinks.

How to Choose the right Bottled Water Delivery Service Company
Think about it. You, your family and your employees drink water every day. Why would you choose a company that has their water bottles sitting in trucks for days? Kabazon Premium Water is bottled in the morning, and delivered in the same day. Now that is fast, quality, and service you deserve.
our water plans

Budget Plans
You'll love our Budget Water Delivery Plans if you know about how much bottled water you'll use each month. If you are unsure of the amount of water you will need, we can work closely with you to estimate your water needs. With this affordable option, you decide the amount of water you want delivered and place your order. Your water delivery specialist will bring exactly what you ordered right to your door every two weeks. Need water dispensers installed? We'll be happy to handle that, too.

Flexible Plans
If you're not sure how much water your family or employees will use each month, choose one of our flexible plans so you can decide as you go. If your needs change, just let your Route Sales Representative know prior to your next scheduled delivery day.
special offers from kabazon
When you contact Kabazon, let us know which promo you are interested in.

Two five or three gallon bottles with a crock & stand:
Two five or three gallon bottles with a cold & room temp cooler:

Two five or three gallon bottles with a hot & cold cooler:
Hot and cold reverse osmosis stand up digital piano black cooler

Room temp reverse osmosis under sink model for
Five gallon glass bottle that are reguarly $24.99 each
giving back

making a difference
We want to make a difference and have partnered with a few organizations committed to helping locally and nationwide programs. And that's why we are committed to helping the following organizations:

We work to give back to organizations that are making a difference in the quality of life and the environment. Kabazon Waters encourages others through word of mouth, our website and Social Networks to make suggestions to us as to which organizations they would like to see a donation made to along with a brief description of why and how their suggested organization makes a difference. We strive to be able to reach a wider variety of people and communities and hopefully provide just a spark of light to each of the many wonderful organizations.

HOP ICS Family Center
1st Resource fair
Lotus Festival
Annual Celebration of the Lotus Festival Sponsored by L.A. Lotus Festival, Inc. and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

The Scholarship Association of ESL Students
NLPOA Annual 5k run/walk for peace in East La

Ocean Charter School: Winter Fair
CHP Child Seat Inspection
El Sereno

Open Charter School: Jog A-thon fundraiser
Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Abigail Barraza Foundation: Breast Cancer Awareness
Our Town El Sereno

about us
refreshing water choices
Here at Kabazon Waters we make customers our number one priority by providing the best quality water, bottled water, filteration and coffee service in Los Angeles County. Efficient and timely ,we make sure our service fit both home and business needs.We also value our commitment to being environmentally friendly and community conscious.

Kabazon Waters is dedicated to using the highest quality, most cost-effective and most environmentally responsible bottled water containers possible. Our 3 and 5 gallon water bottle containers are cleaned, sanitized and refilled 40 to 50 times. Most of these big water bottles are recycled at the end of their lives to make carpet, toys, tool handles, bird feeders and other items. For these reasons, you won't typically find 3 and 5 gallon water bottle containers in landfills.
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